Lorelai Marmidas

Halfling Ranger/Rogue


Name: Lorelai Marmidas
Race: Halfling
Class: Ranger/Rogue
Pet: Akira (Wolf)
Age: 31
Height: 2’7”


Lorelai was raised, as many Halflings in Driscol, in a caravan that traveled along the main roads between the large human cities. She quickly learned the art of bartering and socializing with the random travelers as she grew up. Her many cousins, aunts, and uncles never left her feeling lonely, something she had heard some humans her family would barter with complain about. She really didn’t think she would have any reason to leave her caravan, because as with her cousins, she planned on continuing her family’s leather working trade within the caravan.

However, as with many of her cousins, she became quite curious about the towns she would camp outside of. It just seemed so odd to her that humans owned land, and preferred to stick to one place rather than travel everywhere. It just… Didn’t make any sense to her. Why would anyone prefer to remain in the same place for years? Lorelai wanted to figure this mystery out, and so would sneak into some of the various towns her family would trade with to unravel the oddities of the human race. While her many cousins were also rather curious about the strange habits of their primary customers, none of them were willing to venture into their towns. This meant Lorelai found herself alone in the large human settlements.

On one such night she found herself in one of the larger towns her caravan had decided to camp at. She had made her way into an inn which was attached to a tavern of some kind, and on this night many of the patrons were being even louder than usual. Lorelai was a social butterfly by nature but due to the apparent distrust humans had for her kind, many of the humans simply ignored her. One of these humans didn’t appear to even notice her – or anyone else in the tavern as he boasted and gloated about some trinket he had in his possession. Lorelai found herself growing bored with his gloating and had decided to simply finish her meal and return to the caravan – her curiosity about the strangeness of the tavern sated. Or rather, she was simply no longer interested in this particular building.

As she was getting up to leave, she noticed that loud man putting down whatever that trinket was on the table in his drunkenness and leaving to do… whatever it was drunk humans did. Allowing her curiosity to take over, she casually strolled over to the table the group of men had just left and examined this trinket to figure out just what was so special about it. As far as she could tell it was a simple medium sized marble, fitting in the palm of her hand. At first glance she couldn’t see anything remarkable about it, but as she examined it closer, she noticed the inside of the marble seemed to move on its own accord, separate from the outside. As the man had left it here, she assumed it was not an incredibly important marble and slipped it into her pocket to examine it closer at a later date.

She came to regret this decision.

She had to leave her caravan for their own safety, hide from assassins and bounty hunters, learn to feed and fend for herself in the forests around Driscol, and learn to be alone. However as she lived on her own she became quite capable of feeding and taking care of herself, learning the art of archery and had even come across a wolf cub during her ten years away from her caravan. She raised the puppy and now couldn’t imagine traveling without her.

Lorelai Marmidas

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