There are two major human nations on Driscol. To the east is the Ethelian
Empire, and to the west, the lands of the Sosura Dynasty. These two peoples have lived in peace for generations, yet lately, rumors of conflict have been fomenting in the capitols.

The Ethelian Empire is run by King Leoic Silverkin, a once powerful monarch that has
fallen to the status of a rubber stamp in his later years to the Council, a body of eleven nobles that normally act as advisors and advocates of their lands. With no heir to the Silverkin line, after Leoic’s death the Council will elect one of their ranks to the throne, where a new line will be will established.

The Empire itself is fairly spread out, ranging from the eastern border of the Orphan
Tree’s massive forest to the coast, and small settlements can be found within a few dozen miles of the Opold mountains. The people usually avoid the area called Mormarsh, notorious for its lizard folk populations.

The people that call themselves citizens of the empire are a solid people, fiercely loyal to
their King, especially the citizens of Fyranost, the Empire’s capitol city. Unfortunately, all the
lands the empire claims aren’t directly under Leoic’s control, and there are places that have gone generations without seeing a tax collector from the Empire. These “backwater” towns are populated by hardy folk, typically run by a town council reminiscent of the Council to the King. A notable example of this is a handful of communities centered around Saph Lake, on the southwest edge of Mormarsh. These small villages trade amongst each other, supplied by the occasional Halfling merchant caravan that wanders out their way.

The Sosuran Dynasty, the other human nation, only claims lands west of the Regtharn
Mountains, and only as far south as Lake Hake (HAY-kay). These lands all fall under the strong rule of Sosura Mahasura, patriarch of the Sosura family. The family came to power four generations ago after overthrowing the corrupt ruling family Ayogoma, and the people saw the Sosura as champions of the local god Talic, a god that embodies the national code of honor, justice, and the royal divine right to rule.

The people of the Sosuran Dynasty pay tribute to feudal lords claiming lands throughout
the lands, and those lords pay tribute to the Sosura family. This system of local government has created many small towns and villages with as many local customs, making a cohesive culture hard to pin down. The major unifying traits, though, are honor, discipline, a familial loyalty, and a stratifying class system. The classes, from lowest to highest, are serf, peasant, merchant, artisan, scholar, warrior, noble, royal family.

All of the human settlements are open to the other races, if not always friendly. The most
accepted are the halflings, not by any merit of their own, but simply because no one can figure out how to keep them away. The elves are often viewed as eccentric, mostly because of their strange families and religious beliefs, and the dwarves are far too quiet about their home to be fully trusted.


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